Sunday, December 19, 2010

WordPress "Blogs" As Websites

My fiance, Ron, is something of a small-time web entrepreneur. He first found WordPress and subsequently showed me how to use it. Last year, after becoming increasingly frustrated with TeacherWeb (and its $42 pricetag this year) I bought a domain name of my own and set up shop using WordPress. Though it has many bells and whistles, it's very easy to navigate and use to make webpages. Though I do get criticism for not using TeacherWeb ("like all the other teachers here") I plan on using WordPress to deliver information to my students and parents of students throughout the year.

WordPress is free. To use it, you need a domain name and some hosting capabilities. Since I host it out of our own private domain hosting membership, I do not know if the county can host it for you, but I bet they can.

Check out my WordPress Blogsite:

I'd love to hear any feedback you have about the site (esp ideas or constructive criticism). Thanks!


  1. I love your WordPress site! We can do a lot of that with our grade program, SnapGrades. I just don't know if I would have time to update that and another website. Do you find that it's very time consuming? I am trying to make my life easier using technology, not more work :) That would be a great space for parents/students to ask questions about what is going on in class though! Great work, Sherri!

  2. I don't put a lot of time into it at all. Honestly, I probably should put more into it. I just update homework, dates, and some documents.